Thursday, June 3, 2010

Note by Note

Note by Note: The Making of Steinway L1037 is about how Steinway pianos are made. The documentary follows a particular piano as it is constructed and adjusted by hand. The case (the outer frame) of the piano is built first. It is then left to age for 8 weeks. Then the sound board is put in, the piano is strung, the keys are inserted, the felt hammers are shaved, and the list goes on. It takes an entire year to make this one piano.

Throughout the film, there are interviews with famous pianists such as Lang Lang and Hank Jones. They talk about how and why they are choosing Steinway pianos. Because the pianos are handmade, they are of very high quality. Each piano is a little bit different, and each pianist is looking for a particular sound and feel. So the musicians often try out many Steinways before they find the perfect fit. Musicians giving concerts in New York City sometimes rent specific concert grands just for their performances.

This is a great movie for piano players and non-players alike. I myself play piano and highly recommend that others see this movie.

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